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Your group earns $1 (incl. GST) for EVERY box sold through our website when your group is nominated or when you collect orders through your organisation and members.

Option 1:   Member sales, office sales & online sales. Run a paper order campaign for a set time frame. Members have access to order forms for collecting sales and returning them to your organisation. There is no freight charge for these orders. The person collecting the order is responsible for delivering products back to the client. We recommend following this up with Option 2 and Option 3.


Option 2:   Office sales and online sales. Run an ordering option directly through your club office. You collate these orders and send them in to us twice a month on the 5th & 20th of the month (or dates to be arranged). Orders are delivered back to you for distribution. There is no freight charged on these orders. You will be charged $5.50 per box for all orders placed. Includes option 3.


Option 3:   Online sales only. Simply direct all members to our website for ordering and they can choose their own freight option (as listed below). It may also be appropriate for your club to hold some stock for instant sales. We are able to supply you with a range of products on consignment (no upfront charge but you will be invoiced on reorders to replace stock when sold).


As an added incentive, all clients who purchase 5 boxes of tea in a single order will receive 5 free sample sachets of other flavours to try.**


* Orders placed through your office or membership are collated and shipped on 5th & 20th of the month.

** Offers may vary from time to time.

Common Queries About A Fundraising Campaign

The Info You’re After

How are orders placed direct with our organisation managed?

If you choose to run a paper campaign as well as offering online ordering you will be charged $5.50 (incl. GST) per box for all orders placed. We ask that you collate these orders and send them in to us twice a month on the 5th & 20th of the month (or dates to be arranged). Orders will be delivered back to you for distribution. This gives your membership an alternative option to online shopping and allows for free delivery.

What are the shipping charges?

Freight including packaging & handling is charged direct to the client as follows. Bay of Plenty & Waikato $6.00; Auckland  $8.00; Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu - Whanganui, Northland, Taranaki, Wellington $10.50; South Island $13.00;

Rural Delivery - add $3.70; Saturday Delivery - add $4.80. Freight charges are to a maximum of 30 boxes of tea in one order. Please ask for bulk shipping rates.

How are we able to earn ongoing sales income?

Simply keep promoting through your social media sites, website, newsletters & email system. Sales will be collated and $1 (incl. GST) from every box sold when your group is nominated will be paid out to you. Sales will be collated on a month-by-month basis and payments will be made on the 15th of every month following. You will be asked to generate a receipt to Communi-Tea Fundraising.

Is there a time limit to how long our organisation will be listed on the website for?

Yes, from the start of your campaign you will be listed on our website for 9 months. You will receive an additional 3 months if you resign for the following year. If you wish to withdraw prior to that time you may do so by writing to Communi-Tea Fundraising and explaining why you wish to be removed.

Who can participate in Communi-Tea Fundraising?

Inclusion on the Communi-Tea Fundraising website and programme is at the discretion of the owners of Communi-Tea Fundraising and will follow an application process. All groups must show that they are not for profit or that they hold charitable status. A limited number of individual persons may be accepted for a limited time and a fixed amount fundraising campaign if the individual is raising funds for a non-profit reason such as a sports trip or cultural exchange. Communi-Tea Fundraising may restrict the number of organisations involved within a geographical region to avoid over saturation.

Why are the teas not available through any retail outlets in NZ?

To maintain the exclusive nature of ordering so that the teas can be used for fundraising efforts we have chosen not to offer them into any traditional retail environments. From time to time Communi-Tea Fundraising may retail products at markets or trade exhibitions. All clients who purchase in these situations will be asked to choose from our list of partner charities to receive $1 per box sold.

What marketing tools will we receive?

You will be supplied JPEG files that you can email to members or can embed into your newsletter along with images

that can be used through social media. We will post details onto our Facebook page so you can also share from there.

For paper campaigns you will be given order forms in PDF so you can email them to your members to print or you can supply them ready printed. We will also supply you with PDF's of summary sheets to fill out. We can supply you with colour flyers to attach to the order forms and will provide a small amount of samples for your members to try.