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Partnering with Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga

I’m so excited to announce a partnership between Communi-Tea Fundraising and Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga. This is such a wonderful organisation who provide a very hands on approach to supporting those who are going through a tough journey. They are a very pro-active group and you will no doubt recognise their work from some of the events they organise throughout the year. Who knows, you might even have been a part of supporting some of them! Recent events just in this year alone include: The Legacy Lunch, Papamoa Hills Night Walk, Nude Dude Swim and the Hot Pink Walk (coming up in October).

If you take the time to talk to just about anyone they will have a story of how breast cancer has affected them in some way. I am no exception having watched, supported, cried, laughed and shared my way through my mother’s breast cancer story back in 2007. She was one of the lucky ones. A routine mammogram picked up a very small lump and with treatment and her ever radiant mind set and determination she was able to successfully recover. She still catches up with a group of ladies who all went through treatment together and that speaks volumes about the journey and the importance of engaging with a positive support group.

Helen Alice, Service Manager for Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust says they love the idea of partnering with a business that wants to support community in this way and that the teas look to be good quality and with a great range of tea types.

All money raised from the partnership with Communi-Tea Fundraising will go back to providing support services for those in the Western Bay of Plenty who are going through breast cancer. These include services such as dinner deliveries and oncology massage.

Formed in Tauranga in 1991, Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga is a local independent charitable trust. Inspired by an American group of breast cancer survivors who began an organisation in the 1970's called Reach For Recovery, Breast Cancer Support Tauranga is based around the principle of survivors supporting those newly diagnosed. They cover the Western Bay of Plenty – from Waihi Beach to Maketu and see approximately 160 newly diagnosed women from the Bay each year. They offer one-on-one, culturally sensitive and confidential support to anyone awaiting the results of a diagnostic test or who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

For a full range of their services please check out the website www.breastcancerbop.org.nz

Very glad to still have my mum here with us after surviving her breast cancer journey in 2007.


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