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A Concern with Ageing

I recently had the pleasure of attending a “high tea” in the stroke unit at Tauranga Hospital and saw first-hand the importance of engaging with the elderly members of our society. For both their generation and the generations that follow them. It is hugely important that we keep these connections happening as people can help to give them support at a time they need it (and deserve it) and in turn we can learn from their vast experiences, knowledge & wisdom.

It is with absolute delight that I can announce a partnership between Communi-Tea Fundraising and Age Concern Tauranga.

As an organisation, they have grown from very small beginnings in 1986 to a recognised agency that represents and supports older people by advocating for their wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity. Their vision is to have an inclusive society where older people are connected, empowered, and respected. Their service area is Tauranga City and the Bay of Plenty.

Fundraising efforts through Communi-Tea Fundraising will contribute towards their assisted shopping service that supports the older person to do their regular shopping themselves and maintain their independence.

Positive ageing is about making the most of the benefits of being older and learning to adapt to life changes. People age well when they contribute and participate in society with respect and support from their families and the community.

For more information please go to www.ageconcerntauranga.org.nz.

We welcome the team from Age Concern Tauranga in to our Communi-Tea Fundraising family.


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