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Dancing to a Cuban Beat

Who loves the sound of a good Latin beat? Or how about swaying along to a good Cuban sound? They are the types of music that invoke clear images of the countries they come from. Hot days, beaches, palm trees and passion.

Music and dance are such a vital part of a healthy community. They teach us about cultures, they enrich our souls and they give us a chance to simply let go and have some fun. A festival environment brings together many people in a wonderful atmosphere for total enthusiasts or those who just want to experience something a bit different.

Having been involved with event management for many years and having the privilege to work with groups on events such as Kids Day Out, wedding shows and the Tauranga National Jazz Festival, I have a fairly good understanding of the massive amounts of hours and dedication that go into bringing a festival into reality. The hard work starts early with acts needing to be sourced, accommodation and venues sorted, ticketing and advertising arranged, funding organised – and generally all done while holding down a “normal” job. We are so lucky in New Zealand to have such a massive number of people involved putting events such as this on so it is with great pride that I can announce a collaboration between Communi-Tea Fundraising and the New Zealand Cuban Festival Trust.

For 3 days next March from the 8th to the 10th, Rotorua is set to come alive with Latin & Cuban enthusiasts to share their love of Cuban culture – passionate; crazy and hungry to learn; always fun. It's a chance to gather and experience authentic dance, music, culture & belonging that is unique to those cultures. With a packed schedule including cultural experiences, workshops, showcase and parties, it’s sure to be fun for everyone. Contributions from Communi-Tea Fundraising will go towards running costs of the Festival.

For more information on the Festival go to www.nzcubanfestival.co.nz or follow them on Facebook for event announcements www.facebook.com/NewZealandCubanFestival


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